First Foray


Update on what has happened since the last post

The skirmish and Priest were killed and then looted by Jin. Some new faces came in: Ariel the Eladrin Wiz, a Tiefling Cleric, and a Human Fighter. However, all three soon had to leave the session. Yeti almost got killed by the priest until Jin intervened and Yeti got some healing on him. That left the 3 Dragonshields left, the third being completely surrounded by Yeti, Azariah, and Ariel. The week after that session, we were unable to play due to issues beyond my control


Jer (Tiefling Cleric) rushes in to help Viper as he struggles with the two Dragonshields before him. Calling upon the powers of his god, a lance of golden energy forms in his hands. Aiming for the back of the turned away from him, Jer thrusts his lance forward. The lance misses the kobold’s back but grazes his shoulder, bringing it’s attention to Jer. (Lance of Faith)

After taking what little possessions the dead priest had, Jin looks around and sees Azariah and Ariel engaged with the farthest Dragonshield. He walks over there, his morning star swaying in his hand as he strides forward. Muttering to hid god as he raises his morning star, Jin says the last syllable as the weapon hits the kobold on the head, crushing the skull inwards and instantly killing the creature. He bends down and begins to loot the body of his latest victim. (Priest’s Shield)

The first Dragonshield that is left facing Viper decdies to strike out in furry at the breath of the Dragonborn. The small sword creates a gash on Viper’s arm. The kobold facing Jer stabs forward with it’s sword in an attempt to finish off the newcomer. The sword pricks Jer’s hand and he glares down at the kobold.

Viper decides he might be able to finish this fight quickly. He tries to force the kobold to jump in at him while setting up for Jer to help if possible. However, the kobold does not fall for his trick and blocks his sword. (Viper’s Strike)

Yeti is breathing hard after his duel with the Wyrmpriest. Blood cakes his arms under the tatters of cloth that acid had burned through. He walks forward before Jin and holds his hand stretched out towards the kobold Jer is fighting. He starts uttering a simple phrase in a fiendish tongue. The kobold blinks in surprise at the unfamiliar feeling that has come over him. The creature looks around and sees the Tiefling continually holding his hand out towards it. Yetigrins wickedly as dark energy forms around his hand. He then throws it at the kobold causing the creature to whelp in pain. (Warlock’s Curse, Eldritch Blast)

Ariel strides over the dead body of the one she had been fighting before coming next to Jin and within a few feet of the second Dragonshield. She saw the dark energy hit the kobold and decided she might add to it’s suffering. Holding her arms straight up before her, she calls upon the element of fire. Her hands become engulfed in flame as his leaps into the air. She then throws her hands forward towards the kobold releasing the fire onto the creature. A cry of pain issues of the creature’s mouth as flame licks at it’s hide. (Burning Hands)

Jer watches dark energy and flame land blow after blow on the kobold before him. He calls upon his god again and creates a second lance of energy into being. Grabbing hold of it and screaming, he thrusts the lance into the kobold’s chest. The kobold’s eyes watch as the lance pierces it’s armor and explodes out its back. Blood drops to the dirt road as the creature is held up motionless. The lance disappears and the kobold falls in a heap on the road. (Lance of Faith)

Jin decides to help Viper since it seems he is having trouble with the last kobold. He forms a lance of green energy in his hand and walks up behind the last kobold. Muttering a pray to his god and holding the lance in a downards position, Jin thrusts the lance down. The kobold feels the pain of the lance as it breaks apart on impact from the thrust. (Lance of Faith)

The kobold growls as it throws its arm holding the short sword backwards behind him, gazing Jin in an attempt of getting at whoever struck at it.

Viper thrusts his sword forward, sticking the kobold in its side and bringing it’s attention back to him.

Yeti still holds his hand up and draws in dark energy to surrond it once again. He throws his hand forward, sending the dark energy inot the kobold. The energy explodes upon impact with the kobold’s chest. The creature’s frame can’t take very much punishment in the first place and this latest attack cause the creature’s heart to stop as blood flows down the front of the armor. The kobold falls face forward into the dirt road. (Eldritch Blast)

Everyone looks over each other’s wounds before agreeing to continue on to the site indicated on their crude map.


The players got there, but I will make that an entire post next time.



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