First Foray

Second Day

Not much going on in this post. We had very little time to actually get through anything and many interruptions kept bogging us down.


Jin, Yeti, and Sage are at the smithy the next morning trying to see what they can buy from the place. While they are talking with the owner, we switch to the jail cell where last night, Viper had his gear taken away and locked into a small lonely cell. This morning, a guard comes to the cell and unlock the door and allow Viper to come out. In the guard room Viper comes face to face with the lord of Winterhaven, Lord Padraig.

“I have heard about you and are lucky to be alive right now. We take threats towards members of this town seriously and deal out punishment in the same. It is only through the generosity of your friends that you are able to stand before me right now. Most of those that threaten Winterhaven are executed immediately. What have you learned with your stay in our jail?”

Viper’s answer is barely above a whisper. “I will not make threats against this town or anyone that inhabits it. I will also stay my weapons and behave as one should behave when a guest.”

Lord Padraig’s eyes seem not totally convinced of this statement from this particular Dragonborn. “We shall see. The next time that this incident happens, you will be publicly executed.” Viper gulps at hearing this last statement and slightly bows before Padraig. “I understand.” “Good. Now we come to the part your release. For staying the night in a cell, the city will collect 6 silver from you. Though I happen to know you own more than this, silver will do since that what most of the people here in town usually carry. You can also claim your gear that is setting on the bench next to the guard after I leave. I hope we do not have not meet like this again.”

Viper took hold of Padraig’s hand and began to shake it. “Thank you so much… “Do not touch me again you filthy Dragonborn!” Lord Padraig screams before turning about and leaving the room. Viper goes to his gear and finds the required silver and deposits it the outstretched hand of the guard. “Way out if behind me and to the left,” the guard replies to Viper’s confused look. He quickly grabs the rest of his gear and hurries off into town to find his companions.

While this was going on, Azariah walked into the town from the entrance and saw the rest of his companions at the smithy. He hails them before joining the group. “Greetings. Been waiting for you arrive. When did you get into town?” “Last night,” Jin replies. “I arrived the day before you did. I just came back from scouting nearby but nothing so far. Any word on where Douven is at?” “We have located information that he is at a dragon burial site. The one he was talking about when he began his journey. We are preparing to head out to day to begin our search there,” Yeti relates as some of the group looks at the wares that the smithy has. “Where is Viper?” Azariah asked when he saw the Dragonborn not among them. “Got himself locked up last night for threatening the guards,” Sage chuckles out. “Had to spend the night and should be released soon.” “When do we begin to head out?” “Now if everyone is done.”

Viper rushes through the town and sees his companions leave through the gates. As he nears, he spots the smithy as well and stops for a quick look at the wares. His eyes come across a light shield and has the gold ready to give to the smithy that second. Handing over the money, Viper takes the shield and quickly catches up to his companions. “Thanks for leaving me behind!” “You would have eventually caught up to us anyway Viper,” Yeti explains while the group continues to walk down the road following the map given to them by Eilian. Viper pushes past everyone to take up the lead of the group with Azariah off the left behind him, Yeti right behind him, Jin behind Azariah and Sage taking up the rear.

Suddenly the group was ambushed by kobold as they rushed out from under the foialge that lined the road. Two kobolds wielding shields and short swords rushed at Viper from the right of the road while a third rushed straight into Azariah. Two other kobolds, one wielding a spear and the other wearing a skull, came in from behind and the spear wielder came rushing into Sage’s back. The two facing Viper missed in their surprise attack against the warlord while the same befell the rest of the ambush party. The skullwearing kobold begins to form a greenish orb between his hands and flings it Sage. The orb however falls short of its target. The kobold starts jumping up and down with strange sounds coming out of it’s mouth at the failure of his spell. Azariah took the initiative. Two scimitars appeared in the elf’s hands and he struck out with one and trying to move to give him some area to work with. But the blade missed the mark and the kobold facing him blocks his attempt to move around. Jin decides that it is time to strike out in an attempt to aid Sage. Moving so he can get a clear line of sight on the spear wielder, Jin casts a spell but it does minor damage to the kobold.

*Sage’s form becomes transparent

With a roar, Viper swings at the kobold to his right but his rage blinds his attack and he misses. The two facing Viper decide to attack in unison. The one to the right swings at Viper, the sword banging away as the broadsword of the warlord strikes the enemy’s blade. The second kobold stabs forward, catching Viper’s left side with a nasty gash. Viper roars again but begins to notice a slight change overcoming him. The kobold facing Azariah slips it’s blade past the elf’s whirling defense and stabs the ranger in the shoulder. Grunting with pain, Azariah pulls free of the blade and begins to notice a slight change to himself as well. The spear wielder rushes towards the cleric to tie him up and thrusts his spear forward. Jin knocks the flimsy weapon away with his morning-star. The skullwearer looks towards Yeti, the only member of the group who has yet to take any action. Another greenish orb forms between the clawed hands as the creature flings it at the newest target. The orb once again falls short and the kobold’s outrage plays itself out again. Yeti seeing the attack upon lifts up his hand while holding his scythe points out a slender finger at the skullwearer and utters in a strange language. A small thin black line flies out and strikes the skull on top and burns an X into the skull to mark him. Grinning with a toothy smile, Yeti hefts up his scythe and swings it down upon the skullwearer. The kobold jumped backwards as the blade passed through the spot the creature had just occupied.




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