First Foray

First Day

June 28- Campaign Begins!

This list will be edited with all the players that are playing.

  • Jin, Elf Cleric
  • Ariel, Eladrin Wizard
  • Yeti, Tiefling Warlock
  • Sage, Human Fighter
  • Viper, Dragonborn Warlord (DB)
  • Azariah, Elf Ranger

This will be edited later to reflex those that I forgot at the top of my head. For now, these are the players that took some kind of action.

- Session 1 Recap -

Day 1:
  • Group started on the road to Winterhaven in search of their mentor Douven Staul.
  • Ambushed by kobolds that were waiting for travelers.
  • 5 Kobold minions begin a charge towards the group.
  • Jin steps forward and calls upon Lance of Faith onto the first minion with a crit. All that is left is two shoes with smoke trailing out of them. Rest of the kobolds are stuck dumb and stop after seeing their leader get obliterated.
  • Ariel casts Magic Missile but to avail as she misses her mark.
  • Minions decide to continue on suicidal mission of rushing the group, 2 Dragonshields start coming out with a Slinger to provide ranged support.

— Group size decreases, minions drop to 2

  • Dragonborn fries the two minions who happen to get close to him with his breath.
  • Jin decides to stand some distance behind the DB.
  • 1 Dragonshield engages the DB, the other goes to the cleric, while the slinger switches between the two group members.
  • Jin beats his opponent into a bloody pulp with his morning-star.
  • DB doing some damage to his opponent but still missing quite a bit. Dragonshield putting the pain on the DB.

- End Session -

See Wiki for information regarding players and decision I have come up with that

- Session 2 -

Day 1:
  • Jin advances upon the annoying Slinger, Lance’s him to bloodied.
  • Dragonshield keeps attacking the DB, doing some minor damage, down to bloodied at this point, marks the DB.
  • DB decides to Second Wind to regain some health.
  • Jin begins walking over to help DB, Lance’s again.
  • Dragonshield misses hits against the DB again.
  • DB manages to hit the Dragonshield and drop him to 2 hp.
  • Jin bashes the Dragonshield into a heap with War Priest’s Strike.

Yeti and Human Fighter appear together.

Jin and DB decide to being looting the bodies of the kobolds that are around. Jin takes the dragon scale the Dragonshield was using and his short sword as well. DB takes the bandoleer with 3 ceramic spheres attached from the Slinger as well as the sling and the pouch of bullets. The party agrees to continue on down the road to Winterhaven because night is approaching.

Upon reaching the walls and gate of the town, they are greeted by a guard on duty at the gate. He begins asking the players what their business is in coming to such a far place when the DB begins going gangsta and threating the guard(somewhat). He also began to pull out his weapons and the guard immediately calls for back up. Two guards on top of the wall pop out and have bows with arrows ready pointed straight at the DB. Two more guards come out and wrestle the DB to the ground and shackle him before hauling him off to the Barracks for a night in their small jail. The first guard looks at the other party members and demands if they will be causing any other trouble. Party agrees they will not. Guard once again what they are doing out this way and the group describes their mentor to the guard, who has a hazy memory of someone of that description but knows nothing. Points the group to Wrafton Inn where all traveler’s stay in the town and maybe the innkeeper might know something. The group goes into in the inn where they are greeted by the innkeeper Salvana. Upon asking the group, they once again give their mentor’s description and name, she does give some light to the characters that he had indeed stayed and sent them in Eilien’s way. Eilien tells the group that he gave Douven directions to a burial site for him and draws a crude map for the players so they can follow after. Night has ascended upon the town and everything is closed up. The party decides that sleep is in order: 3 get somewhat comfy beds in an inn while the DB gets to sleep on some straw in a jail cell.

- End Session -




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